Geodetic Dam Monitoring in Albania

Enhancing Dam Safety by Geodetic Monitoring


In January 2012, BSF Swissphoto was awarded a project to install a geodetic monitoring system for five hydropower dams in Albania. The planned dam monitoring project is an important part of the Dam-Safety initiative commissioned by the regional Energy Community of Southeast Europe. The power stations of the proposed dams are operated by KESH and provide 90% of the national electrical power production. The objective of the project is to improve the safety and efficiency of the largest water power plants in Albania; the integration and optimization of the Albanian grid into the regional power market and the safety of the monitored facilities. In the frame of this project, BSF Swissphoto conceptualized the monitoring project, delivered the technology and equipment, constructed the pillars for the target and reference points and performed the first two measurement campaigns.

Our services

  • Conception of a dam-monitoring system with manual geodetic measurements
  • Construction of surveying pillars and monuments
  • Procurement of geodetic instruments and accessories
  • Execution of 2 geodetic measurement campaigns
  • Network adjustments and reporting
  • Training of local staff in geodetic dam monitoring practice
  • Analysis of deformation measurements

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