Consulting in geodetic Powerline Surveying in Myanmar

From GPS theory to practical field exercises


Myanmar holds a great potential for hydro-power plants for the production of electrical power. At the time speaking there are several projects in planning or execution, mostly in the northern and central parts of the country. The generated power has to be transferred from the power plants to the consumers in the big cities. Therefore the capacity and reliability of the power grid has to be improved through the construction of new transmission lines. The planning and execution of transmission lines requires surveying data of the topography for the line routing, for the staking out of the pillars and to conduct as-built measurements. To survey transmission lines accurately over hundreds of kilometres requires a lot of specific surveying skills and knowledge, even more when the topography is demanding and the reference data from the ordnance survey is outdated. AF Consult Switzerland has provided consulting services for the Ministry of Electrical Power (MEPE/MOEP) regarding the planning and execution of overhead-transmission-lines for years. To build and strengthen the surveying know-how of the MEPE employees AF-Consult has organized a 5 day surveying seminar in Myanmars capital of Neypyidaw in October 2015. BSF Swissphoto has supported this seminar by providing a surveying specialist to train the local staff in the “basics of land surveying” and “modern surveying technologies”. The theoretical part was completed by practical field-exercises. During the seminar there was also room to discuss practical issues and problems of the participants.

Our services

  • Preparation of the seminar documents and presentations
  • Transfer of surveying expertise in theory and practice
  • Lead for practical field exercises
  • Consulting in surveying issues

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