Environmental, Social, Corporate Government

BSF Swissphoto is committed to the sustainability goals of the UN from 2015 (SDG, Sustainable Development Goals). We comit to gradually improve the sustainability impact on all of the company's stakeholders and focus on business processes with big potential for impact.


For the raw data acquisition, we operate a fleet of three surveying aircraft that fly missions across Europe. Using very modern airplanes, the resulting CO2-emissions are reduced to a minimum. We comit to fully compensate the remaining emissions, allowing us to deliver high quality geodata from sustainable production!


We provide our employees a modern work environment, including flexible working hours and home office possibilities. Regular trainings keep our team up to date. Through open communication and regular, constructive feedback, we keep employees engaged and motivated. Very low fluctuation, hence many long-time employees visualize the positive work culture that is a key ingredient to our success. We promote gender equality and reject any kind of discrimination.


Our operation is ISO 9001 certified. Hence all business processes are standardized and documented. Additionally, a set of organizational rules are in place, defining how the board of directors and operational management work together. Our flight department operates under a certified air carrier license (AOC) that allows to operate commercial flights in accordance with the Operations Manual, Annex IV of Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008.
These frameworks for our business processes, flight operation and management enable efficient operation while managing and minimizing risks. We act ethically, communicate openly and honestly, and condemn corruption and bribery.