Surveys for hospital helicopter landing sites

Increased flight safety thanks to precise aviation obstacle charts


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandated a detailed documentation for all off-airport helicopter landing sites by 28.10.2014. The Swiss Air Rescue operator Rega tasked BSF Swissphoto with a detailed survey of 70 landing pads at hospital sites throughout the country. For these sites, the landing zone itself (final approach and takeoff area, FATO), access paths and all potential obstacles in the main approach and departure paths were mapped. The precise 3D obstacle coordinates constituted the basis for visual approach charts produces by the Swiss air navigation service provider Skyguide.

Our services

  • Survey of helicopter landing zones and surroundings using GNSS receivers and total stations
  • Survey of aviation obstacles in approach and departure paths using reflector-less total station measurements
  • Preparation of CAD plots as a basis for the final chart design by Skyguide

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