WGS84 Aerodrome and Obstacle Surveys

Our contribution to strengthen the flight safety


BSF Swissphoto has carried out so called WGS84 Aerodrome Surveys for Jeppesen for many years now. Our survey data is being used to feed the largest Aeronautical Information System and derive aeronautical charts and other products thereof. We collect precise coordinates of all relevant aerodrome objects such as runway profiles, thresholds, NavAids, topography, obstacles such as buildings, trees, antennas, towers etc. We do so according to the ICAO standards and by using the latest GNSS and Total Station technologies as well as evaluation software. We install benchmarks and implement a connection to the WGS84 coordinate system even in remote areas.

We have already surveyed more than 50 Airports around the world (Bahamas, Grenada, Turks and Caicos, Bermudas, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Eritrea, Burundi).

Our Services

  • Implementation of benchmarks and WGS84 connection
  • Data collection of NavAids, obstacles, vegetation and topography
  • Classification of the collected objects: type, height above sea, height above ground, etc.
  • Determination of Ground Control Points for satellite image georeferencing
  • Charting

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