Development of a Cadastral system in Guatemala

Establishment of the cadastral system in Guatemala


Switzerland supported the establishment of the cadastral system in Guatemala financing a cadastral project providing consulting and training services and modern technical equipment to the Registro de Información Catastral (RIC) and the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN). The consultant mandate included the design and implementation of a specialized school for cadastral staff, consulting on the management of cadastral information in municipal bodies, extensive training programs, and technical assistance.

Our services

  • Establishment of the new Escuela de Catastro, including:
  • Drafting of the regulatory framework of the school
  • Development of tools for school management and administration
  • Development of curricula on technical and academic level
  • Development of course modules and teaching material
  • Development of a distance learning platform for the Escuela de Catastro
  • Development of concepts and technical standards for the exchange of cadastral information between RIC, municipalities, and the private sector
  • Implementation of municipal GIS in selected municipalities
  • Management training on institutional, organizational, and economical aspects of the cadastre
  • Extensive technical training in digital photogrammetry and cadastral mapping technology
  • Co-ordination and monitoring of comprehensive equipment deliveries to RIC, IGN, and the University of San Carlos
  • Organization of international study tours

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