Lidar data and aerial images for Finland

Aerial images, oblique images and laser data for the Finnish land surveying office and various communities


BSF Swissphoto has been very successful in the acquisition of Finnish projects over the last 5 years. Already in 2014/2015 BSF Swissphoto together with a partner was authorized to perform large-area laser data acquisition over approx. 15'000 km2 for the Finnish national surveying office Maanmittauslaitos. Last year BSF Swissphoto was again commissioned with LiDAR surveys and will scan almost 43'000 km2 with 1 point per square metre in 12 sub-areas in Southern to Central Finland by the end of 2019. This will require a total of approx. 250 flight hours.

This year, BSF Swissphoto was also awarded the contract to acquire laser data with a point density of 5 points/m2 for a total of 12'300 km2.

In addition, BSF Swissphoto has received orders in recent years to conduct numerous small-medium image, oblique image and laser projects for Finnish municipalities. A total of more than 17,000 km2 of projects were acquired, 13'000 km2 of which have to be realised this year.

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