National Elevation Model Sweden

Laser scanning at the Arctic Circle


From 2014 to 2016, BSF Swissphoto and its project partners collected Lidar data for an area of over 74’000 km2 for the Swedish Mapping Agency Lantmäteriet as part of Lantmäteriet’s effort to build up a National Elevation Model of the country.

In consortium led by our Swedish partner Metria, three survey companies worked in the far north of the Swedish Norrland province and along the Scandinavian Mountains for three summer seasons. In difficult topographic and meteorological conditions, high-resolution elevation data was collected – with many remote and inaccessible areas being mapped in this accuracy for the very first time.

Our services

  • Laser scanning data collection across vast, topographically challenging areas in North Sweden with a point density of 0.5 points per m2
  • Secure data processing in our dedicated project office on Metria’s premises in Gävle, Sweden
  • Production of the point cloud data sets, quality control and documentation (metadata, technical report)

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