Monitoring the construction of S21 at Berlin main station

Automated monitoring of bridge, building and tunnel elements using geodetic and geotechnical sensors


As part of the extensive construction work for the new underground S21 suburban rail line, a sophisticated geotechnical and geodetic monitoring system ensures the safety of Berlin’s main railway station. The surveillance measurements help mitigate risks to the ongoing rail operations and identify corrective measures early on. 120 bridge pillars are monitored before, during and after the entire construction phase. Displacements are measured and documented in detail.

The required sensor systems (water level gauges in the indoor shopping mall area, 4 total stations for the bridge pillars, 1 total station in the main hall and 3 total stations for the U55 metro station) were designed and installed in four phases in spring 2015/2016/2018 and autumn 2020 and are operating since then.

Our services

  • Installation of a complex geodetic and geotechnical measurement system
  • Automated measurements in 1 hour intervals
  • Automated calculation of subsidence and displacement vectors and generation of profile plots
  • Alerting system for threshold exceedance

SwiMo - Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Monitoring the construction of S21 at Berlin main station

Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Bahn AG
2015 - 2022
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