Digital orthophoto Netherlands

Up-to-date aerial images for the Water Authority of the Netherlands


In Europe, the Netherlands and Denmark are considered leaders in the field of national spatial data infrastructure. Due to their flat topography and seaside location, highly accurate and up-to-date geodata play an important role in these countries. The gepdata is required to monitor and document climate-related impacts. For this reason, the Dutch water supervisory authority Het Watershapshuis commissions an annual aerial image coverage of the whole Netherlands.

In 2015, BSF Swissphoto, together with its partners Getmapping and Miramap, was commissioned by Het Watershapshuis to acquire 10 cm images for the municipalities of Overeenkomst and Schaduwovereenkmomst. In the course of the project, our company completed 7,237 km2 of flights between March and April. A digital orthophoto was finally generated on the basis of the captured aerial photos. These flights were also carried out in 2016 and 2017 by BSF Swissphoto.

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