Airborne Laserscanning & Orthophoto

New laser data and aerial images of Canton Zurich


In 2014, in the scope of the “Luftaufnahmen 42” (aerial mapping 42) project, BSF Swissphoto was contracted to carry out the laser- and photographic data acquisition for the entire canton of Zurich. The laser data acquisition took place in march-april 2014 on 19 flight days, covering 1800km2 at 8 pts/m2. Digital terrain and surface models were derived from the acquired point clouds.

A total of 44 flight hours were necessary to acquire the aerial imagery. Flights took place on 5 days in 2014 and 4 days in 2015. 37’400 images were captured with an Ultracam Xp sensor and merged to a 10cm digital orthophoto-mosaic.

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