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Using the latest generation of airborne laser scanners, we acquire highly accurate and high-resolution point clouds of the earth's surface. The georeferencing and classification of these laser point clouds provides detailed representations of the earth's surface in the form of digital terrain models or surface models. These models serve as the basis for numerous planning tasks (e.g. spatial planning, infrastructure etc.).

By repeatedly mapping a region at different times, difference models can also be derived and used for change analyses.

Our references

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3D-Map - ALS Scheldt

LiDAR acquisition of the Scheldt river in Flanders

Antwerp, Belgium
De Vlaamse Waterweg nv
since 2023
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3D-Map - Aarau Birrfeld

3D planning data for motorway expansion

Aarau-Birrfeld, Switzerland
04/2018 - 10/2018
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3D-Map - 10 Jahre Laserscanning für MML: 200'000 km2 in 10 Jahren !!!

10 years of laser scanning for MML: 200,000 km2 in 10 years!!!

since 2014
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3D-Map - Nationales Höhenmodell Schweden

National Elevation Model Sweden

Norrland, Sweden
Lantmäteriet, Sweden
2014 - 2016
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3D-Map - Laserbefliegung von Hochspannungsleitungen in Frankreich

Lidar data acquisition of power lines

several regions, France
Réseau de transport d'électricité, Paris, France
2012 - 2018
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3D-Map - Höhenmodelle und Orthophotos in Afrika

Elevation models and orthophotos in Africa

Senegal and Liberia
Mittal Steel Liberia Ltd & Arcelor Mittal Mining Senegal SA
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