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Powerline Mapping means the aerial surveying of power lines with laser scanner and digital camera. The lines are scanned with high resolution at point densities >20 P/m2, at the same time aerial images with high resolution are acquired. Because of the partly very low flying over the lines we use helicopters. The evaluation of the laser data is carried out at a very high level of detail: foundation heights/corner posts, mast base points on terrain, mast tips, insulators, rope suspension points of the power lines as well as all extension arms are classified and the lines vectorized. As products we deliver terrain models as well as the processed mast and wire data.

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3D-Map - Laserbefliegung von Hochspannungsleitungen in Frankreich

Lidar data acquisition of power lines

several regions, France
Réseau de transport d'électricité, Paris, France
2012 - 2018
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