Today 19:30 on "Brandenburg Aktuell": scanning dikes from the air

On 18.06. at 7:30 p.m., RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) has broadcasted a short documentary on the interesting dike survey project of the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency as part of the TV program "Brandenburg Aktuell".

Last months, BSF Swissphoto has surveyed the dikes of the river Spree and its tributaries from the border of Saxony to the border of Berlin with an Airborne Laserscanner. The State Environmental Agency is responsible for the maintenance of flood protection facilities, for which the exact heights of the dikes should be well known. In addition, knowledge of the height of the water level as well as the detection of weak points in the dike systems are crucial for the safe operation of the protection systems. The Laserscanning surveys answer these questions as precisely as possible.

Further information and contributions can be found here.


  • Image 1: Picture taken by BSF Swissphoto during the aerial survey of the dikes.
  • Image 2: dapd, Aerial image shows flooded fields at the entrance of the Black Elster River into the Elbe River in Wittenberg County during the 2010 flood.
  • Images 3/4: Flight over images from BSF Swissphoto.

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