Geodata for the Bernese 3D Web GIS

In February, our employees successfully completed the project concerning an update of the Bernese landscape model.

The Bernese geoinformation departement is developing a 3D web GIS based on high-resolution aerial geodata combined with data from the official survey. The Web GIS is expected to go online in the first half of 2021. For the update of the existing landscape model, recent laser data and aerial images were needed. These data were acquired by BSF Swissphoto in a combined aerial survey in summer 2020, showing a point density of 25 points/m2 and a resolution of 5 cm, respectively. BSF Swissphoto finally delivered the colored and detailed classified point cloud as well as special elevation models with leveled buildings and waters.

With the 3D Web GIS, the city of Bern aims to fulfill many needs. One goal is to build a 3D tree cadastre. Also the improvement of the 3D city model as well as the offer of a database for different departments are important tasks.

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Mass data processing in the field of geodata

​The continously increasing demand for ever more detailed, ever more realistic 3D models is leading to new challenges for companies in the geodata sector: the volumes of data to be processed are increasing enormously and require extreme computing power.

11. 01. 2021

Christmas greetings

Company news

Valued clients and business partners ​The year 2020 was a challenge for all of us. All the more reason for us to thank you for the good cooperation.

15. 12. 2020

Project news

Consulting mandate in Sint Maarten

Despite increased travel difficulties, our consulting projects are continuing: our employee Emese is currently in the Caribbean, more precisely in Sint Maarten.

26. 11. 2020


Online workshop for Caribbean countries on the use of geodata

Today starts a two-week online training with our geodata experts Stephan Landtwing and Manuel Draper with participants of the so-called six Caribbean PPCR (Pilot Program for Climate Resilience) - countries.

16. 11. 2020

Press Release

Aerial Data campaign in The Netherlands successfully completed

The dutch data acquisition company Cyclomedia has recently published a press release about the completition of the large oblique image campaign in Holland. BSF Swissphoto has been strongly involved in this project and acquired oblique images and laser data for several thousands of km2.

12. 11. 2020

160 LiDAR flying hours for the Finnish Land Survey Office

​On July 20, 2020 our flight crew completed the last flight day of the current laser data acquisition program 2020 of the Finnish National Survey Authority Maanmittauslaitos.

10. 09. 2020