Inauguration of our new Cessna C208

On 24.08.2017, BSF Swissphoto inaugurated its new Cessna in a festive occasion at the airport of Schönhagen with customers, partners and employees from the Berlin area. The inauguration took place in Hangar V, where our 3 company owned Cessnas are based.

CEO Roland Stengele welcomed our guests in the hangar in front of the aircraft, while pilot Uwe Müller described the main features of the new plane and talked about the ferry flight from America to Germany. The assisting manager of the airport, Mrs. Kühn, was on site as well and welcomed our guests with interesting background information on airport operations. Finnally, the aircraft was launched with a few splashes of Champaign on its nose.

The event finished with lunch on the tower-restaurant’s terrace. Whoever wanted to could visit the tower and have a good view of the largest commercial airfield in Eastern Germany.

There was also a report on the event in the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung” (in German only): "Sekttaufe für ein Vermessungsflugzeug", MAZ, 24.08.2017 (Online Link).

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