SwissTierras Implements the New Geo-Data Standard in 3 Pilot Municipalities

The SwissTierras project, funded by the Swiss government (collaboration between BSF Swissphoto AG and INCIGE), in partnership with units of the Colombian government, supports the definition of public policies by designing the land management system. The project focuses on standardizing geo-data to enhance interoperability between offices at both national and territorial levels. Another key aspect is the provision of information and assistance to territorial units in decentralizing land management, specifically the multipurpose cadaster, along with training and professional development for personnel. All these initiatives share the common goal of enhancing services for citizens.

In 3 pilot municipalities that received the cadastral data from the recent survey in ISO 19152 LADM standard last year, SwissTierras supports:

  • Provision and publication of cadastral data at the municipal level
  • Processing of zone and land use data, as well as the hazard map in the LADM_COL-POT standard
  • Streamlining procedures (such as building permits and utility connections, etc.)
  • Personnel training in the fields of GIS and utilization of geo-data

Back (left to right): Alejandro Álvarez, Leonardo Cardona, Andrés Guarín und Golgi Álvarez
Front (left to right): Pilar Rocío Pico, Jonathan Albarracín, Amalia Flórez und natürlich Kaspar Eggenberger

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