New laser scanner Riegl VQ-780II-S

For this flying season, we have upgraded our proven Riegl VQ-780i laser scanner and added a medium format camera (PhaseOne iXM-RS150F) and a gyro-stabilised platform to the sensor system. The new VQ-780II-S is capable of taking measurements with a pulse rate of up to 2 MHz (effective measurement rate = 1.66 MHz) and an increased signal energy. This makes it ideally suited for the extremely efficient acquisition of large areas with high point density (8 and more points per square metre) in the well-known and unrivalled data quality of Riegl laser scanner systems. The gyro platform enables an even more homogeneous point distribution and fringe width, even in slightly turbulent flight conditions. With the iXM-RS150F camera, high-resolution (e.g. < 5 cm pixel size on the ground) aerial images can be captured simultaneously for documenting the areas and infrastructures surveyed.

With this modern and highly efficient system, we are able to quickly and accurately create three-dimensional and phototextured models of terrain, buildings or infrastructure objects for any application. Contact us, we will be happy to support you with data acquisition for your end applications!

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