NaGNet GPS-Monitoring


BSF Swissphoto is contracted by Nagra «National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste» to establish and operate the satellite based precision measurement network «NaGNet». It stands for the “Nagra’s permanent GNSS-network” and provides smallest movements in the geological underground. These stations are going to collect highly accurate positions of the «Global Navigation Satellite System» (GNSS) for the following decades. The data is finally processed to evaluate the geological movement of 11 sites. Finally the results are used to model the earth crust’s movements in order to ensure the long-term life of future deposit sites for radio-active waste material.

The stations complement the existing national GNSS-network called AGNES - «Automatic GNSS-network of Switzerland» and are run by swisstopo the federal office of topography.

Our services

  • Contractor for the planning, excavation, materialization and operating of the GNSS-network encountering 11 stations.
  • Implementing fully automated processing, quality checks and data transferring algorithms (final processing of the measurements is executed by swisstopo)
  • Sophisticated monitoring of the system process in order to ensure a continuous operation, data flow and quality
  • Password protected web client portal incl. hourly updates for operation status and numerous graphics about quality measures.

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