Railway flyover „Hürlistein“

Principal surveys during construction


At the “Hürlistein” railway intersection near Kloten/Switzerland, the two-track lines from Wallisellen and Zürich Airport merge into a three-track line towards Effretikon. The level crossing of the tracks leads to conflicts in route scheduling and thus to a capacity bottleneck. The construction of a new, 400 m long flyover allows trains from Wallisellen to cross the Airport tracks without conflict. On both sides of the central bridge element, a 500 m long and a 1500 m long ramp are constructed respectively.

Our services

  • Fixed point monumentation and measurement
  • Survey of the topographic base data for project planning
  • Set-out of the major construction elements: flyover, catenaries, signals and switches
  • Building and track monitoring
  • As-built documentation and control
  • Data collection and processing for integrating the as-built documentation into the Swiss Federal Railway’s asset management GIS

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