Presentation at "Carribbean Regional Climate Conference"

Our colleague Emese Landtwing will give a presentation today at 18:30 CET at the "Carribbean Regional Climate Conference", which will be concerned with the Caribbean Regional PPCR. It is a regional programme that consists of six individual country pilots in Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Caribbean region is one of the most at-risk regions in the world to the effects of climate change and has experienced varying degrees of impacts over the last few years. Its survival depends on building resilience; whether it is at a country level, community level, sector level or at an individual level.

One of the primary focus areas of the Caribbean Regional PPCR was to improve climate data collection, access, storage and transfer in the Caribbean. To this end, investments have been made in next-generation technologies like LIDAR, as well as a supercomputer at the UWI Mona which allows for high-resolution climate data projections.

The session SESSION 2A: TECHNOLOGY (2030) TO INFORM CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENCE PLANNING will explore the role technology has to play in resilience planning across the region.

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