Mass data processing in the field of geodata

The continously increasing demand for ever more detailed, ever more realistic 3D models is leading to new challenges for companies in the geodata sector: the volumes of data to be processed are increasing enormously and require extreme computing power. The optimization of this "High Performance Computing (HPC)" is a core business of cloudflight, an important service partner of BSF Swissphoto. Cloudflight has scaled and further developed the so-called GRASP algorithm (Generalized Retrieval of Atmosphere and Surface Properties) for processing Big Data. For this purpose, the parallelization of computations was included in the algorithm in order to achieve faster results in mass data computations.

BSF Swissphoto is using these competencies of cloudflight on the True Orthophoto (TDOP) generation, where detailed representations of the earth's surface are obtained on the basis of aerial images by means of pixel correlation. However, the importance of "Cloudflight Aerial Processing Services (CAPS)" will also become more important in other geodata related fields: "The flexibility offered by cloudflight is important, after all, the demand for 3D products is growing very dynamically on many levels", says Dr. Roland Stengele, Managing Director of BSF Swissphoto. He is pleased to have gained a professional service partner in Cloudflight. "We can estimate effort and costs much better internally and prepare reliable and transparent offers to our clients".

Further information on this topic can be found in the recently published article in Business Geomatics: "Processing of image data with CAPS from cloudflight".

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