Successful spring season despite Corona!

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the associated governmental regulations such as travel restrictions, special requirements for the implementation of company health protections and a strong increase in logistics efforts, our flight operations were extremely successful in current spring flight season 2020.

Since the beginning of March, BSF Swissphoto has been able to collect aerial images and laser data for more than 20 airborne projects in Germany and other European countries (Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Poland) - partly with four aircrafts in parallel operation. We took advantage of ideal weather conditions during weeks. Also the minimization of public air traffic, leading to reduced flight restrictions and longer, usable flight windows, had a positive effect (see image 3 above: Parked aircraft at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands due to reduced flight operations).

Due to these general conditions, the number of aerial images captured within five weeks has never been as high as this year: Alone for the Freie Hansestadt Hamburg, more than 75'000 large-format vertical aerial images were taken (News article of 16.04.2020). For Denmark's National Elevation Model, three aircrafts with laser scanners were in simultaneous operation and recorded 9100 km2 with 8 points/m2 within 11 days. In addition to classic photogrammetric aerial photography and airborne laser scanning, remote sensing flights with thermal infrared cameras were also carried out over the cities of Vienna, Bonn, Nuremberg, Leipzig and Salzburg.

Under current Corona-related conditions, BSF Swissphoto is proud of the performance and reliability of our flight operations and its staff! Thanks to great commitment, good organization and a careful approach, our employees ensure that customer requirements are met even in these special times.

Our company is looking ahead and is currently preparing further aviation projects in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Finland.

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