Well, who's flying...?

"Well, who's flying?"... this question is the beginning of a newspaper article published today in the Bergedorfer Zeitung about our aerial image acquisitions over the city of Hamburg.

At the end of last year BSF Swissphoto was commissioned by the Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung (LGV) of the city of Hamburg to take aerial images of the city of Hamburg. The images have to be captured in spring before leaves grow in order to be able to see as many details as possible.

Our flight crew now took advantage of the sunny, cloudless Easter weather to carry out some of the flights. In total, about 50 flying hours are necessary for the 820 km2, that are about 12 mission days. A digital orthophoto is calculated from the approx. 75'000 images. A further mission includes the generation of an automatically calculated true orthophoto. This is derived by means of image correlation and shows the flight area without any distortion.

By comparing these images with earlier photographs, the LGV would like to determine how the infrastructure of the city of Hamburg has developed or what changes there have been, for example, in the stock of trees or in water bodies,

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