Explora topic "Fascinating bird's eye view"

"What a revelation the first photographs of a place taken from the air must have been for the people who lived there! Until then – in the 18th and 19th centuries – only a handful of (wealthier) men and even fewer women had the time, courage and means to climb high mountains and see what the world looked like from above."

As part of the Explora series at ETH Zurich, our colleague Stephan Landtwing was interviewed on the topic "Fascinating bird's eye view - aerial photographs and their scientific importance".

On Explora, serialized stories based on the holdings and services of ETH Library are told. Contents and services spanning collections and archives are recombined and presented as a story thus becoming also more comprehensible in story form.

The story and interview with Stephan Landtwing can be found here.

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