Inventories for Swiss Railway projects

BSF Swissphoto is proud that it’s surveying competence and effectiveness has been chosen for three large-scale projects by the two biggest Swiss railway companies SBB and BLS.

  1. A reference point network will be measured within the planning of a 4th track at the railway station of Stadelhofen (Zürich) between Zürich’s main station and the Stadelhofen station. Afterwards, laserscanning will take place in the tunnel between these two stations as well as on two further tunnels.
  2. The 34 km long Lötschberg Base Tunnel was opened in 2007. For cost reasons, for one part of the 2nd tube only the shell was built at the time. In order to plan the installation of railway technology into the uncompleted construction, BSF Swissphoto has been commissioned the laserscanning of a 21 km long part of the main tunnel and of several access tunnels.
  3. The Swiss Federal Council has recently decided that the Brüttnertunnel shall be built between Bassersdorf and Winterthur within the “Development Plan for Railway Infrastructure 2030/2035".
    In order for the engineers to elaborate the pre-project, BSF Swissphoto was contracted for extensive basic-surveying tasks within the entire perimeter of the construction. Airborne laserscanning will be employed for the wide-area acquisition of terrain data (e.g. for the planning of future tunnel-construction installation locations). Terrestrial inventory surveying (works of art, bridges, underpasses, crossovers, breast walls, overhead lines as well as water bodies) will take place as well.

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