Symposium for Constructional Dynamics

On June 7th 2017, the Symposium for Constructional Dynamics took place in Dübendorf, Switzerland. The event was organised by Ziegler Consultants and was mainly aimed at engineers in the construction or surveying fields and focusing on questions of building-vibration.

Based on a current project (Measurement Supervision Of The 3rd Tube Of The Gubristunnel), our colleagues Martin Rub and Christian Schmid held a talk titled “Construction Site Monitoring – An Interdisciplinary Task”. The project served to lay out the advantages of permanent construction site monitoring and described the implemented systems. Additionally, a preview on possible future developments was discussed.

Publication (only in German):

Baustellen–Monitoring – eine interdisziplinäre Aufgabe; Rub/Schmid (2017), Präsentation am Ziegler-Symposium an der EMPA Dübendorf

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Presentation at Intergeo Digital: "Surv(ey)ive in an air traffic jungle."

​On 14.10.2020, 10:45-11:15, our employee Sandra Beckmann will give a presentation about the Schiphol's project together with Leon Hendriks from Aerovision and Daniël Siezenga from the Dutch municipality of Bloemendaal: "Surv(ey)ive in an air traffic jungle"

17. 09. 2020

160 LiDAR flying hours for the Finnish Land Survey Office

​On July 20, 2020 our flight crew completed the last flight day of the current laser data acquisition program 2020 of the Finnish National Survey Authority Maanmittauslaitos.

10. 09. 2020


Repeated Imgaging Success in Schiphol

For the fourth time BSF Swissphoto has taken aerial images with a resolution of 4 cm at Schiphol Airport and its surroundings. Schiphol is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

16. 06. 2020


SwissMonitor and Terradata together into the future!

The engineering surveying division of BSF Swissphoto and its "SwissMonitor" business merges with Terradata.

29. 05. 2020

Project news

Successful spring season despite Corona!

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the associated governmental regulations, our flight operations were extremely successful in current spring flight season 2020.

27. 04. 2020

News paper publication

Well, who's flying...?

​"Well, who's flying?"... this question is the beginning of a newspaper article published today in the Bergedorfer Zeitung about our aerial photo flights over the city of Hamburg.

16. 04. 2020