About us

We map the world - since 1931!

We are one of Europe’s leading companies in delivering surveying and mapping excellence from millimeter precision to country-wide coverage.

Our business units

  • Airborne data acquisition and 3D mapping
  • Geodesy, surveying and monitoring
  • Consulting and training

Our core competences

  • We integrate state-of-the-art sensors and technologies into customized solutions, combining airborne, terrestrial, geotechnical and environmental sensing capabilities.
  • We understand the needs of our clients in business and government and focus on professional and transparent project management.
  • Our network of clients and partners allows us to tackle challenging projects and reliably develop and deliver efficient services and products.

Our international experience

  • Our office locations in Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Colombia give us a global reach with local experts
  • We are successful in the geospatial market since 1931 and have reached an international customer base in more than 50 countries just in the last decade.
  • We are proud of our landmark projects, such as the complete survey of the 57 km-long Gotthard-Basetunnel in Switzerland, the world’s longest railway tunnel.

Our vision

  • We believe in achieving success in close, eye level relationships with our clients and partners.
  • Innovation and continuous training allow us to evolve with the market and actively develop new opportunities.
  • With our employees, we live an honest, open and responsible company and communication culture, as we are convinced that this is the key to our long-term success.

Contact persons

Thomas Grünenfelder

Chairman of the Board


Dr. Roland Stengele

+41 44 871 22 22 (Admin)

Mario Studer

Head of Engineering Surveying, Member of Management
+41 44 871 21 54

Stephan Landtwing

Head of 3D-Mapping, Member of Management
+41 44 871 21 55

Emese Landtwing

Sales 3D-Mapping, Business Development, Quality Management
+41 44 871 21 50

Michael Möller

Sales 3D-Mapping
+49 3063 41 0660

Martin Rub

Deputy Head of Engineering Surveying
+41 44 871 21 53

Dr. Anna Somieski

Sales 3D-Mapping & Marketing
+41 44 871 21 59